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About me

Hi!!!, I’m Wilbert Pumacay. I’m a 2nd year Msc. student at Universidad Católica San Pablo (Arequipa-Peru), pursuing a degree in Computer Science, and I received my Bsc. degree in Mechatronics from Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (Lima-Peru).

My interests lie in the intersection between Robotics and Machine Learning. I’m currently working on a framework to test some ideas about robot locomotion and Deep Reinforcement Learning (link here), which is part of my Msc. thesis.

I spent three years working as a game programmer (before I joined the Msc. program) at a peruvian game studio called Bamtang Games. There I got into programming and computer science (thanks guys!). I also spent half a semester working as an assistant for some research projects during the last year of my undergraduate studies, mostly working with microcontrollers and making interfaces for sensors and actuators needed for some robotics projects.

If you have any questions or if you’d like to get in touch, don’t hesitate and send me an e-mail to